Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Juan Morel Campos Garden Volunteer Day

Yesterday, had our first volunteer day for the school year. We were very excited to have over 20 students--8th and 9th graders--show up. Mr. Fineman, the principal, came and took pictures of us. We got a lot done and the garden looks great. We remember how it looked last year this time of year when we were in the 7th grade: like a jungle! Now it looks like little farm ready for plants.

The best part of the volunteer day was afterwards, when Ms. Milewski ordered pizza and we all went to her classroom and ate dinner together. We had a lot of fun talking and clowning around. Alot of us eat dinner everynight by ourselves so it was alot of fun to hang out and eat with other people.

Tomorrow, we are going to plant a whole bunch of vegetables. There are tomato plants, squash plants, bok choy (that's a kind of cabbage), lettuce, and little baby pumpkin plants. Some of the stuff won't grow fruits until next fall, like the squash and pumpkins, but some of the stuff will have them soon. We are very excited to finally put plants into the ground and for the chocolate trip on Friday!

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