Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Big Green Adventure!

We have some very exciting things coming up. Next Monday, May 11, we are going to have a garden volunteer day. We hope that the garden will be completely finished and we can put in the plants and wait for them to grow.

Next Friday, May 15, we head for the Mast Bros. Chocolate Factory. There, we are going to take a tour, get to see how chocolate is made, and hopefully, make some of our own. We will return to the school and catch up with Virginie, a French chocolatier. She is going to teach us all about chocolate and let us try some samples. Them we are going to make our own chocolate dessert. Mrs. Simone and Ms. Milewski are going to make a special dinner of chicken mole for us. Chicken mole is a Mexican dish made using chocolate--but it's not sweet. Then we will eat dessert together.

June 13 our school will have a Health Fair and they asked us to help out. We are going to work in the garden and answer any questions the parents may have. They are welcome to come and see our work in the garden. The week after that, we are going to head for the Union Square Farmer's Market to see how real farmers sell their veggies.

We are really excited and ready to learn new things. Can't wait to tell you all about it!

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  1. Hey there! If you can get me the details ahead of time (about 2 weeks) when you need volunteers, we can send it to Slow Food NYC members. info@slowfoodnyc.org. That goes for anyone else as well!