Friday, May 1, 2009

Soil For Rooftop Gardens/ Irrigation Systems

The Gaia Institute has formulated a lightweight food safe soil for rooftop gardens and green roofs. It is up to 60% lighter than traditional soil mixes and made from recycled materials.  I recently bought some for my garden. I have a 24' x 3.5' x 12" deep box and the soil cost me about $250. Once you lay it down, you have to cover it with burlap and put 1' of compost over the top. I put 2".

I am installing a drip irrigation system from Dripworks www. If you send them your garden plan, they will design the system for you, for free. Schools get a 10% discount. 

Seedsavers is having a sale on transplants. 25% off. 

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